Congratulations to all the winners of last year's MMSDC Invitational golf tournament! Your exceptional skill, dedication, and sportsmanship on the course were truly commendable. Each of you demonstrated the highest level of competitive spirit, contributing to the excitement and success of the event. Your achievements serve as an inspiration to all who participated, showcasing the epitome of excellence in golf. We applaud your outstanding performances and extend our heartfelt congratulations on your well-deserved victories.

Katke-Cousins Course Winners

1st Place

David MacLeod
Jaime Nardizzi
Kirk Sladidk
Dan Boase

Longest Drive

Cassandra Alston-Childs (Women)
Golon Griffin (Men)

Closest To The Pin

Alisa Carter (Women)
Steve Mitchell (Men)

R&S Sharf Course Winners

1st Place

Gregory Cheesewright
Larry Pashnick
Don Telfer
Brian Koehl

Longest Drive

Gabrielle Yurik (Women)
Dillon Horn (Men)

Closest To The Pin

Claudia Rybick (Women)
Kenichi Iwatsuki (Men)

Raffle Winners

Varchasvi Bourbon Gift Set

Nancy Hatcher

$200 MLB Gift Card

Jaime Nardizzi

Oakland Golf Club Membership

Jay Mullick

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The MMSDC Team